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  1. A_Random_Birb

    General Asian Staff Promotion

    +1 got high amount of sits counts, chill guy, grinder for the darkrp ranks
  2. A_Random_Birb

    Father For Tmod 2020

    +1 nice guy, helped create an gate e2 for my megabase, really friendly, knows the rules
  3. A_Random_Birb

    Banned For No Reason

  4. A_Random_Birb

    Banned For No Reason

    Dude if you lied about everything in this post, then you're an actual piece of shit, destroying the dude's bitracks/printers? Do you even know how much those even cost? If you did this just to harass/bully him, then you should've been banned even longer than a day like a week minimum. ngl azor...
  5. A_Random_Birb

    Staff App

    +0 don't know you atm, but you have low amount of play time on the server but you have a good staff app. will update
  6. A_Random_Birb

    Dredix (Frenchie) Application

    I'm deeply disappointed in this staff app, it said a minimum of 75 words and you didn't achieve it, you didn't specify what your roles in Eclipse RP, meh amount of days. -1
  7. A_Random_Birb

    Buna's re reapply staff app

    +1 he's a good lad, i'm still bullying him
  8. A_Random_Birb

    Fucking my social life up

    Fucking my social life up
  9. A_Random_Birb

    My Staff Application

    +1 good staff app, meh amount of time in the server, has good behaviors in server
  10. A_Random_Birb

    Birbs/Starbucks_Burger_The_Anime Staff app? (I'm optional)

    Ingame name: Vibing Birb Discord name+tag:Starbucks_Burger#5268 SteamID (SteamID Finder):STEAM_0:0:190606575 Time Spent On Server(Minimum of 1 Day): over 2 weeks now Do you have a microphone that you use in-game?: Yes, a shitty turtle beach headset! What is your time zone?: Central Time...
  11. A_Random_Birb

    Lucify's Staff App

  12. A_Random_Birb

    Humans staff promo

    +1 good guy, worked hard to keep the server going
  13. A_Random_Birb

    Staff application

    -1 Def not 16 due to the lies, high pitched voice makes you sound very young almost squeaker level, not a good staff app, definitely not fit for staffing
  14. A_Random_Birb

    Loki Staff Application

    +1 Nice lad not really mingey, bit low of time on the server, good amount of experience. I think he can be a good staff if he's accepted
  15. A_Random_Birb

    Staff Application/uwu

    -1 13 hours is bit lower than the minimum day also haven't met you, so try again whenever you get around 3-4 days.
  16. A_Random_Birb

    staff applications

    -1 you're 11 which is WAY below the minimum age, didn't even follow the correct format, bad grammar, claim staff experience without knowing the literal basic COMMANDS for staffing! Kid, you're out of this world if you're thinking about staffing
  17. A_Random_Birb

    Eric Cartman Staff Application

    You may be more active than us, but the thing is that we have no idea who you even are since you're not really sociable to the server players and trying to join the party doesn't mean that we hate you, we just don't accept random people. We could move to industrial but the thing is that after...
  18. A_Random_Birb

    Eric Cartman Staff Application

    -1 I have couples reason to why I -1 you 1.you been trying to join vibing inc after telling you to stop then you started buying a building near our mega base to disrupt our infrastructure. 2. I don't even know you. the only thing I know is that you kept trying to join after I declined you many...
  19. A_Random_Birb

    Stonks Staff Application

    Thanks for trying but many are just -1 you since they haven't met you yet or doesn't know you enough. You may be active, but we're trying to say that you are active during a point of vacant periods (periods of time where isn't a lot of players). If possible try and clock around 5 pm -7 pm CST (4...
  20. A_Random_Birb

    Ralgar's Staff Application

    -1 for not letting me sit in your god damm office oh also low hours/not met you and prop abuse. :D