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    Eric Cartman - Staff Application

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    Shrek Just Be Here

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    zZPDJZz Staff Application

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    Staff Application

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    Froto Ban Appeal

    RpName: SteamID(SteamID Finder): The staff member who banned you: Why were you banned? (Add as much detail as possible, and attach a screenshot of the ban message) Why should you be unbanned? This format is subject to change at any moment ^Fill this out please
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    Beaky Big dumbdumb

    Alright well i guess there was some mix up in the staff and no one asked me about it but, 1. you are NOT allowed to use E2 Smart Doors while being raided. for the same reason you cannot use key bindings to open up fading doors and run inside your base 2. If you have any proof of beaky being...
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    [Staff Application] Tommy10606

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    damn, these kids unoriginal AF

    damn, these kids unoriginal AF
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    The guy below me is gay or somethin

    The guy below me is gay or somethin
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    Ectate's Promo App

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    If you reading this you gay

    - A promotion from Head-admin to Superadmin or Superadmin to Co-owner is not an applyable rank. These two ranks are only given by the owner and is up to their decision, based on trust, reliability, and other factors.
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    ban appeal

    it doesn't matter if "no one cared." it's the job of the staff to enforce the rules. When we see someone MRDMing, we ban them. I'm sorry but the ban will stay. -CLOSED
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    Genetic Researcher Problem

    Seems like a fair rule to add. will be talking to the others about this soon.
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    AFX Unban Request

    - Do not threaten to harm, DDoS, or DoX any player or staff. This will also result in a permanent ban. Above is the rule stating that Doxing will result in a perma ban. Perma means permanent. the ban will stay. -CLOSED.
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    my nutz ich

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    You have been unbanned because about almost 2 days have passed, i suggest next time you don't Minge and make it look like you're trying to MRDM -APPROVED
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    I will look into this tomorrow
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    who tf promoted the kid 2 people under me

    who tf promoted the kid 2 people under me
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    Ban Appeal for discord

    Ultimately it'll be up to Rain if he wants to unban you or not, so goodluck, i also suggest using the format provided if you want this to be taken as a serious ban appeal