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Beaky Big dumbdumb

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Your RpName Name: Daddyiz

Your SteamID(SteamID Finder): STEAM_0:1:211611400

Which staff member are you reporting: GNA Beaky

Why are you reporting this staff member (Add as much detail as possible)? doesn't know rules or how to do his job. asking to show him rules he should already know. being opinion bases on sits.

RpName Of All Players Involved: DNA Beaky, DNA Tommy10606, Daddyiz

This format is subject to change at any moment.


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I was asking what rule you were saying that Tommy broke because I know you were saying that you cant use an e2 door while being raided and you can along as the door has a 6-second timer.


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There is literally zero detail in this report. All you said is that Beaky sucks and that was it? No screenshots, no clips, nothin. I don't know what you're expecting to come out of this.

Beaky messaged me earlier asking if players were allowed to use E2 doors during a raid, saying that you said that players are NOT allowed to use them during a raid. This is incorrect. According to the raid rules, players are not allowed to use keybinds to open fading doors during a raid, as it's FailRP. This does not apply to E2/Smart opener doors, as there is a specific rule stating " - Fading doors/Smart opener E2's must be open for a minimum of 6 seconds."

Beaky said that he told you this rule, and yet you still decided to make this hollow report for some reason.

General Asian`

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Alright well i guess there was some mix up in the staff and no one asked me about it but,
1. you are NOT allowed to use E2 Smart Doors while being raided. for the same reason you cannot use key bindings to open up fading doors and run inside your base
2. If you have any proof of beaky being biased during sits go ahead and DM me with it General Asian#0119
3. we don't ask what rules they're breaking due to us not knowing the rules, it's more of us telling you to go find it because we don't think it's there.

I do not see any abuse going on here so no action will be taken. i will make a PSA to the staff to make sure we are all on the same page for the E2 smart door issue.
if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to DM me on discord.
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