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Ectate's Promo App


Queer Mod
Ingame name: Ectate

SteamID(SteamID Finder): STEAM_0:1:107067984

Time Spent On Server: 3W 0D 10H 34M

Current Staff Rank: Moderator

Rank you are requesting to be promoted to: Admin

Why should we promote you to this rank? (Minimum of 50 words)
Now, I know that this may be early, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Playing on Nameless has been one of the best times I've had gaming in general. Through meeting all these new people, and now being on this amazing staff time I’ve come to know and love. This community is just amazing, and I'd love to grow inside of it. Now let me stop telling you idiots how great you are, onto my application. Whenever I got T-mod I was never expecting the experience I was going to get from this server. Now, I want to blossom a better experience into our new staff members. By being promoted to admin, you could expect me to be constantly helping out the new staff members. I understand that some situations are hard to crack, and I hope to become admin so I can have a more trustful role inside of the staff team. I’ve been in their shoes, and I know how it feels. I would be willing to teach new staff the role that they have received, and how to use it properly. From my experience, I could teach staff how to get in a sit and handle it in the most effective and quick ways possible. I’m on a lot, so that gives me more opportunities to help out the newcomers as well. I've been trying my best to prove myself that I can fit inside of a higher role, and I feel like that I have done so. Just because I become an admin also doesn’t mean I'm going to hit the road and not stay active. I’m going to stay on as per usual, and if anyone needs assistance I’m going to get on as always. I feel I have been very helpful on the server due to the fact that I have held the position of most sits taken each week I have been staff except for one (Due to a passing of a family member.). I have devoted countless hours to the server, and I want to be able to do this more but with more tools afforded to me by the Admin rank. Thank you for reading my application.

If you could, leave me some feedback on what you think about me. Thank you.
(Thanks for the proof-read Speeaks/Skillful.)
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