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(0) 50 words? Let me multiply that by 30. Now I know what you are thinking… “Why is this fucking retard writing essays for every promotion or app”. Because I like to make Cix read them...cause we all know she will want to. This essay will be in parts (For obvious reaons), (1) my history on this server and previous servers, (2) my thoughts on a promotion, (3) my goals in the Super-Admin position, (4) the reasons I should be promoted , (5) and the conclusion. Use the numbers on the side of the paragraphs to help navigate easier, as there are no page numbers on the forums. As we jump in, remember to enjoy :)
(1) While the majority of you reading this have probably known me as staff on the server for awhile, many may not know of my history with Rain on his previous server and on this server. I will start with RainRP, as chronologically that comes first. On RainRP I was an admin, I would have been Head-Admin if we did not already have one present and we allowed more than one at the time. I had advocated for the Senior-Admin role, for me to fill as I was Admin for about 4 months. I was instead given a secondary role of “Staff-Trainer”. This role required me to train the staff that were hired by...the one who should not be named. I held the admin role for several months before becoming inactive, and eventually was demoted or I resigned (Can’t remember it's been 2 years). I went inactive due to school starting back up, and my internship taking up the majority of my time due to its importance to my future. While this was about 2 years ago, the evidence still stands of my dedication to Rain’s servers and my willingness to devote my efforts to better the server. Now to the present, NamelessRP. I have been on the server for approximately 5 months. I have been admin for about two or three (I believe) and staff for the remaining time. I was one of the fastest promotions to Moderator then admin in these modern promotion times due to my reputation, and clear dedication. Having my role given to me when staff were short. Rain and Cix had teleported me to a roof and gave me T-mod to help that night… and the role was never taken. My reputation on the server is one that is split based on who you ask. Players will see me most likely as someone who really doesn’t give a fuck. If you are in a sit with me it will likely end in about 30 seconds. I can be a hardass, but most of the time I just call you retarded (If you do some dumb shit). However, if you are staff you probably recognize me from being shit talked on, and generally abused. I like to keep staff chat and staff in a good mood by enjoying some jokes and shit talking here and there. While I make jokes and like to fuck around, when you are being a bad staff YOU WILL KNOW. I am not afraid to share my opinion. A happy staff team is always good for the server, and my philosophy is that I have the duty to do such. I hope to stay active on the server and continue to help where I can.

(2) My thoughts on this promotion...well...you are not supposed to apply for Super-Admin. However, I feel as though we have created a good staff team, and the 4+ people that we have had for a month or so now will stay for awhile. The time and effort I have put into both servers has clearly shown my dedication to Rain’s servers. While many of you may say “Too soon” or “He is skipping Head-Admin” this is simply due to the Head-Admin position being filled by two people, and held by very good people at that. I do not see them leaving any time soon, and I hope they do not. I feel as though my specific skill set is that I can actually code, and assist with addons and such that I deserve this role instead of the Head-Admin role. If I were to get Head-Admin I would most likely just shit on a lot of the staff anyway...This is a shorter segment, as I would like to continue this into why I should be promoted.

(3) If I were to be promoted to Super-Admin my goals would likely not be achieved immediately. While Super-Admin often means you help develop the server, on Nameless that is a bit different as we know. For starters, I would like to have the opportunity to make hot-fixes/bug-fixes, where Rain, as he has stated “I do not touch other people’s code” whereas I do. I feel as though if given specific files/addons in question (Not FTP or server dashboard access this is gained through trust because you can break-break the server) I can make those fixes. Should I have that ability bug fixes will be done quickly. Specific bugs I am talking about are the tab menu using names, some grammatical issues, and future fixes to addons and such. With my previous experience with Lua on a FiveM server I developed on for about 3 months, I feel as though I can do quite a bit to addons, and customize them for the server.

(4) Why should I be promoted...jeez...this is a weird thing to talk about. It's hard to put into words why I feel I should be promoted, but obviously I am going to. I used to say this a lot to piss off Cix, but it still stands, I have known Rain for over two years. At this point I believe trust has been gained knowing I didn’t spend those two years trying to fuck the server in the end. Had I been able to stay active during my internship and classes on RainRP, I would likely already be Super-Admin now. Currently, we have one constantly active Super-Admin (Cix). She puts in a lot of effort...however her specific skill set does not extend as far as mine. Considering the temporary computer issues she was having, having a second active and useful Super-Admin would make losing one due to technical issues less of an issue. Instead of Rain now having to pick back up the responsibilities passed off partially to Cix those could be passed on to me. I would like to add on to the inactive statement with the obvious...Cix will be attending college soon. This is going to severely limit her play time not only on the server, but helping develop as well. I am also attending college, but I have taken a few less classes this semester due to some shit (Fuck off don’t ask). I will not be heavily bogged down by classes, and that may help relieve some pressure off Cix’s shoulders when it comes to her classes. I know there are not many new things added to the server so what is the point of having more Super-Admins? The point is not only due to my ability to fix bugs, but to also drastically change addons and code new innovations (Ohhh big word) for the server. Also, I feel as though with the growing, and long-term staff becoming more obvious, we need to open up the Admin role for some of the soon to be Admins that are on the server. We currently have two, and if a few of the players keep it up it will quickly become three or four and over populate the admin role. I am also not wanting to become Super-Admin and immediately get console and database control. I am more wanting to have the ability to help where I am needed. I will also not become inactive like…*cough* *cough* Duffles *cough* Violent *cough*. I will be active and available, not only to do Super-Admin shit, but if necessary take sits and help deal with other server based shit. I quite like doing sits, so when we need staff to take them, I will still be there to help. I do not want my promotion to Super-Admin result in the basic loss of a sit taking staff. I have also seen some Support tickets pile up where players need something done but can only be done by Rain, I will be able to help keep those ticket counts low to keep players happy, and remove some stress off Rain’s shoulders. I will be able to help with the simple tickets that require roles, and should I have the specified ability the bug issues as well.

Well...we are over 1400 words in. You made it to the conclusion paragraph...the one to end off this dope ass essay. What do I say? There isn’t much more I can bring up as reasons for my promotion. I would like to say this...I don’t cap Cix, and when I say essay I mean fucking essay. Anyway, let me actually finish this off. I feel as though I have been able to prove myself as a good staff member, and that I deserve consideration for the Super-Admin. The Head-Admin role is taken, so taking a step past that, due to the circumstances of my past with Rain, I feel that is not as big of a step as some may think. I also feel that I have earned access to private channels, and I shouldn’t have to use Better Discord to see them :(. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this shit...cause I know I did and please reply with legitimate concerns I will reply to who I can. I would like to finish this off with two statements: Cix is 3’ 6” and Rain is Gay. Bye for now <3. ~ Speeaks (Skillful)

(Thanks for the proof-read Ectate <3)

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- A promotion from Head-admin to Superadmin or Superadmin to Co-owner is not an applyable rank. These two ranks are only given by the owner and is up to their decision, based on trust, reliability, and other factors.