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Loki Staff Application


New member
Ingame name: Loki12

SteamID (SteamID Finder):STEAM_0:1:188415064

Time Spent On Server(Minimum of 1 Day): 1 day/ 17 hours / 21min

Do you have a microphone that you use in-game? yes i have a mic that i use in game.

What is your time zone? Central

Age(Minimum of 16): 19 years of age

Do you understand ULX commands and how to use them? Yes i understand ULX as i have had previous experience with it in the past

Why should we choose you as a staff member? (Minimum of 75 words): the reason why you should choose me as a Staff member is i can deal with situations when needed to be delt with at any time thats if im online, as well as come to an easy resolving end conflict to what ever the problem is, and i am well experienced in this field. Also as well as to build a growing bond in the staff team as a friendly bond to boost moral and to make a public figure of my own self, to represent Nameless RP in the best way possible :]

Do you have any moderating experience?: Yes i do have Moderating experience as an admin, Community Manager, and Co owner in my past days of Gmod Servers that im sure are long gone and past the times.


New member
- Really Nice guy and a friend of mine.
- Loves everyone on the server and tries to be humorous and make people love.
- Kind and a good learner as well as getting the job done, very active.


New member
+1 Nice lad not really mingey, bit low of time on the server, good amount of experience. I think he can be a good staff if he's accepted


New member
I Can -1 this for many reasons
☼ Is Extremely mingey especially if you get on Dead Magic's bad side
☼ Constantly does not leave people alone even after them telling him to stop
☼ Has E2 Abused into multiple bases(Yes i know this is hypocritical, i did it once and he did it more then a couple times)
☼ Very immature